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Download WhatsApp Plus APK Latest Version June 2024

Are you ready to elevate your chatting experience to fabulous new heights? Then, it’s time to talk about WhatsApp Plus! This isn’t just any messaging app; it’s the glittery, supercharged version of the app we all know and love. In this peppy guide, I’m going to take you through the ins and outs of the latest version of Plus Whatsapp. So, grab your favorite snack, get comfy, and let’s dive into the world of enhanced messaging!

Feature of WhatsApp Plus

App NameWhatsapp-Plus
Software CategoryApp
Size72 MB
Requirment Android 5+
Last Update1 min+

What is WhatsApp-Plus?

WhatsApp-Plus, along with OG WhatsApp, are unofficial, modified versions of the original WhatsApp that offer more features and customization options. These apps allow users to personalize their messaging experience with a variety of themes, enhanced privacy settings such as hiding online status, reading receipts, and the ability to send larger files and media. Both WhatsApp-Plus APK and OG WhatsApp provide greater control over one’s online presence, offering options to hide last seen, blue ticks, and even typing status, ensuring privacy and user control. These modifications cater to users looking for a more tailored and discreet messaging experience beyond what the original WhatsApp offers.

Why users prefer WhatsApp Plus?

People prefer WhatsApp+ for its advanced customization and greater privacy features. This modified version of WhatsApp gives more themes allowing users to personalize their app interface to match their style. It also provides advanced privacy controls, such as hiding online status, blue ticks, and the ability to view messages without notifying the sender. With the added ability to send larger files and more media in one go, WhatsApp-Plus caters to the needs of users looking for more functionality beyond the standard WhatsApp application. These additional features make WhatsApp-Plus APK a popular choice for those seeking a more tailored and discreet messaging experience.

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What is difference between WhatsApp-Plus and WhatsApp?

How to Download Whatsapp-Plus on Android device?

STEP 1 Allow Unknown Sources:
Find “Security” or “Privacy” and tap on it. Look for “Unknown Sources” and switch it on. This setting allows you to download different apps from sources other than the Google Play Store.

STEP 2 Find WhatsApp-Plus APK:
Use your internet browser to find a reliable website WhatsApp Plus apk download. Make sure it’s a safe site to avoid harmful software.

Step 3 Download the APK:
On the website, find the button to download the newest version of WhatsAppPlus and click it. Wait until the download is finished.

Step 4 Install WhatsApp-Plus:
Open the downloaded APK file from your notifications or use a file manager app to find it. Tap on the file, then click “Install” when asked. Wait till the installation is done.

Step 5 Set Up WhatsAppPlus: Open WhatsAppPlus It will ask for your phone number. Put it in, and then enter the OTP (a code) sent to your phone to verify.

How to transfer data from the original WhatsApp to WhatsApp-Plus?

Backup Your WhatsApp Data:

  • Open the app, go to Settings tap in the Chats option, and then Chat backup.
Untitled design 22
  • Tap on the Backup option and create a backup of your data to Google Drive.
chat backup

Install WhatsApp Plus:

  • Download apk file from a trusted source (since it’s a modified app, ensure it’s from a reliable source).
  • Install the downloaded apk file on your device. During installation, allow necessary permissions.

Restore Data:

  • Open the app and set it up with your phone number.
  • During setup, the app will prompt you to restore chats from the backup created in Step 1.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to restore your chat history and media from the backup.

Verification and Completion:

  • Once the restore process is complete, you’ll have your chats and media transferred from the original WhatsApp to WhatsApp Plus.
  • Verify that all your chats and media are intact and accessible within the app.

Is Whatsapp-Plus have DATA security issues?

WhatsApp Plus, similar to the original WhatsApp, utilizes secure servers ensuring that all your chats are encrypted. This encryption acts like a safe, accessible only to you and your conversation partner, safeguarding your private communications from hacking or unauthorized access. Despite its unofficial status, WhatsAppPlus commitment to data security mirrors that of the original app, offering users peace of mind while enjoying enhanced features.

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WhatsappPlus Features

  • Customizable Themes: Choose from thousands of themes available in the WhatsApp+ theme store to personalize your app’s appearance.
  • Hiding the blue tick: This apk refers to disabling the feature that shows others when you have read their messages. This allows you to maintain more privacy by preventing others from seeing when you’ve viewed their chats.
  • Auto-reply: This app lets you set automated responses to incoming messages. You can customize messages for different contacts or groups, ensuring prompt replies when you’re unavailable.
  • Enhanced Privacy Options: Gain more control over your privacy with features to hide your online status, blue ticks, and even the ability to read messages without the sender knowing.
  • Anti-Del Messages: Prevents others from deleting messages they’ve sent in chats. This feature allows you to view messages even after the sender has attempted to delete them, maintaining message history integrity.
  • Anti View Once: This prevents recipients from knowing you’ve viewed their “View Once” messages, preserving your privacy by not triggering read receipts for such content. This feature allows you to view messages without notifying the sender of your access, maintaining discretion.
  • Extended File Sharing Capabilities: Send larger files and more types of media than the original WhatsApp allows, including high-resolution images and videos without compression.
  • Disabling the forward tag: This app removes the “Forwarded” label from messages you send, enhancing privacy by preventing recipients from knowing the message was forwarded.
  • Advanced Group Admin Features: Enjoy more power as a group admin, including the ability to remove messages sent by others.
  • Custom Fonts and Styles: Customize the font style and size for a unique chatting experience.
  • Increased Status Characters Limit: Post longer statuses up to 255 characters, compared to the standard 139 characters limit.
  • Chat Backup and Restore: Easily back up your chats and restore them when needed, ensuring you never lose your important conversations.

SacreenShots of Whatsapp-Plus

Whatsapp plus screen shooots