How to use same GBWhatsApp Account on Different phones?

How to Use Same GBWhatsApp Account on a Different Phone? Have you ever switched phones and involved approximately dropping your WhatsApp chats? If you are the usage of normal WhatsApp, this might be a problem..
But, for those in the know, GBWhatsApp is like a magic wand for this very problem!

How to use same GBWhatsApp Account on Different phones?

Link Your GBWhatsApp Account to Multiple Devices

In today’s world where everyone is always chatting online, our expectations from messaging apps are sky-high. While the official WhatsApp is great, it’s GB WhatsApp that’s stealing the show by fulfilling those extra demands. Think of GB WhatsApp as WhatsApp with a turbo engine, developed by third-party wizards to jazz up the basic version with features galore.
Here’s the deal: With GB WhatsApp, you can use your account on many devices, not just one phone. Now, let’s find out how to set it up!
Steps to Get Started with GB WhatsApp Want to get GB WhatsApp working smoothly?
Follow these steps:

Step 1: Command Central – Your Main Smartphone

Fire up GB WhatsApp on your primary phone. This is where the journey begins.

Step 2: The Secret Menu – Overflow

Spot those three little dots or the ‘⋮’ symbol? Tap it! This is your gateway to new horizons.

Step 3: The Gateway – Linked Devices

Select ‘Linked devices’ from the options. You’re now at the crossroads of connectivity.

Step 4: The Bridge – Link a Device

Hit the green ‘Link a device’ button. It’s like opening the door to Narnia, but for your WhatsApp chats.

Step 5: The Portal – QR Code

A QR code pops up. It’s your ticket to syncing up – just scan it with your other phone.

Enjoy GB WhatsApp from Two Phones, or Maybe More!

Why settle for less when GB WhatsApp offers you more? Not one, but two or more phones can become conduits for your GB WhatsApp account. Even without a SIM card, your secondary phone becomes a clone of your primary – messages, calls, videos, and all!
Your Messaging Universe, Expanded GB WhatsApp isn’t just expanding your device reach; it’s giving you the whole cosmos. With up to four devices synced, you’re virtually omnipresent in the WhatsApp universe. And all this without the need for a SIM card in your secondary devices!

Will My Message History Appear on All My Linked Devices?

GB WhatsApp ensures your chat history travels with you, encrypted and secured, across all linked devices. While some ancient messages may decide to stay back on your primary phone, rest assured, the recent ones will be right there with you, no matter the device.